What Is Topsoil?

Every gardener knows that if they want to grow healthy plants or turf, healthy soil is a must. The layperson, however, may require further education. This articles for you; What is topsoil?

Quality Topsoil

Topsoil is just as the name implies; soil that usually consists of the top two to six inches of ground cover. Generally, it is added to an area of a garden to increase the quality of the soil that is already present. The process of creating a healthy topsoil is done by having the contaminants such as rocks and sticks, removed. By mixing compost with this clean topsoil and then adding to the soil already present, the gardener can make a healthy growing environment for their plants.

It’s important to realize that not all topsoil is the same. Some mixtures will be good for flower beds, but not for vegetable gardens. There are no federal regulations that govern what can or cannot be included in a topsoil mix. Because of this, the gardener should do some research to ensure that the mixture they are buying is suited to their needs. Also important to note is that some topsoil compositions from farms may contain traces of pesticides.

Although topsoil plays an important role is the ground quality, it is still be necessary to treat the area with fertilizer and lime in order to create the optimum growing environment. By mixing compost and manure with the topsoil the gardener can ensure healthy plant growth.

The type of topsoil needed depends greatly on the condition and contents of the soil that is already present. For those areas that have a lot of clay in them, topsoil made with sand is needed for water to drain properly. Water that becomes stagnant will increase the chances of illness and disease. If the mixture of sand and topsoil is imbalanced, the water may drain improperly which will lead to the much needed soil nutrients being lost. By fertilizing the soil on a regular basis the gardener can ensure that their soil is as healthy as possible.

On the other hand, a topsoil made up of clay should be used in the instance the soil contains too much sand. As noted, this imbalance causes a loss of much needed nutrients in the soil. Sandy topsoil is much easier to spread than that made of clay, however, the benefits to soil make it worth the extra effort.

Royal Bassett, who also deliver turf in Oxfordshire (http://OxfordTurf.co.uk/) understand that topsoil, properly prepared, makes the best growing environment for all types of plants. However, topsoil is the best choice for use with flower beds, turf and newly planted grass seeds. Using topsoil is not recommended for container gardens. The best choice for this type of planting is potting soil.

While plants can grow most anywhere, the healthiest plants are grown in properly prepared soil. By determining what type of soil is already present, the gardener can add the right mix of top soil to create a healthy garden to grow their plants and vegetables.



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