How To Lay Turf

Don't Seed it .....Turf It!

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Before laying turf, start by preparing the soil. Make sure you disperse quality topsoil at the correct depth so that the turf roots can penetrate the ground easily. Poor preparation of the soil will cause your grass to weaken over time. Soil preparation involves getting rid of weeds, removing debris from the ground which includes rocks, trees roots and old turf.  Spread the soil at a reasonable depth of up to two to six inches. Once that’s done spread fertilizer over the prepared area.

After preparing the soil, mark where you will lay the turf. It is time to order for the turf now. When the turf has been delivered, you should not wait for some days to unroll it. It is better to unroll and lay it on the same day you receive it. If it is not possible to install the turf the on day of delivery, it is better to keep the unrolled turf moist all the time. You can use a knife or a blade to cut the grass rolls as you prepare to lay them. You should avoid stretching the turf when laying it to avoid shrinkage.

When laying the turf, first lay down the longest and remember not to overlap them. Joints of the turf should be staggered the way a brick wall is staggered. Butt the edge of the turf up against another, and then carefully tap down using the back of the spade to make good contact between the roots and the soil. It is also good to avoid laying small sections of the turf near the edges of the lawn. You can use the trimmed turf to fill large gaps. Water the turf immediately. The first watering should soak the topsoil layer to make the turf and the soil hold well.

Watering should be sustained through the first 7 days and periodically over the next four weeks. During the first week it’ll be necessary to water your new lawn three to four times per day. While it’s common sense to many, avoid walking on the turf during these early stages. Mowing should be done when the turf has become established. After your turf has begun to develop, you’re free to mow your lawn. Fertilizer should also be applied two times a year to give your turf a healthy look.

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